Company Philosophy

       Professionalization Makes Better

       MRL is known to put customers interest first and to pursue value improvement from customers perspective. MRL is driven to provide products and services for better, faster, safer and more economical and specialized refractory application.


       To be the most valuable refractory supplier and contractor around the globe.


       1. Superior Quality: Produce each product with the spirit of craftsmanship, rigorous and dedicated, and strive for the best.

       2. Customer Focused: Respond to customer requests expeditiously.

       3. Optimized Cost: By optimizing the design, the material cost performance is improved, and the customer can achieve cost savings.

       4. Nanny Services - to provide customers with timely, comprehensive extension of services.

       5. Environment Friendly: Produce safe and environmentally friendly products in an environmentally friendly production facility.

       6. Ethics: Uphold ethical values and respect intentional laws, rules and regulations.

       7. Win- Win Proposition: Promote and operate with Win- Win proposition.

The seven values above are the highest principles of dealing with affairs and judging right and wrong!