RH Degaser

RH Degaser



●RH Snorkel Inner Linings:  Under vacuum conditions due to strong alkaline slag mixed molten steel erosion, and at the same time, on and off high-pressure spray of cool Argon operation leading to rapid temperature fluctuations, inner linings at Snorkel are under very harsh working conditions. Refractories service life is the shortest at this area.  Refractories here can be used at any parts of the RH installations. MRL recommends the long-lasting FMK and UMK products.

●RH Snorkel Outer Linings: Refractories here often damaged first due to high pressure erosion damage by changing alkalinity and high alkaline over heated slag and high frequency shear rupture, leading to disruption of smelting. Over many years at many places experience of improvements MRL owns self-technology products of high-quality special use Castables CM-90.

●Throat Working Lining: Under vacuum conditions of super strong penetrating molten steel erosion, high alkaline slag attack and erosion, they are most likely to have accidents and affect production safety. Therefore, refractories quality requirements cannot be vague. MRL recommends the highest quality FMK and UMS Products.

●Lower Vessel Working Lining: Under over heated high alkaline slag attack and molten steel vigorous erosion, vacuum damage, over heat damage and on/off operation temperature changes, FMK and UMS Products would be one optimized choice at this part.

●Upper Vessel Working Lining: Under high temperature alkaline air erosion and interrupted operation and high alkaline slag molten steel splashing and erosion, FMK, DMK, MAS Products are optimized choices at this part.

●Alloy Inlet Working Lining: Under long term hot alkaline air erosion and mechanical abrasion, FMK or MAS Products are optimized choices at this part.

●Vacuum Chamber Safety Lining and Snorkel Working Lining: Under long term hot waste gas erosion and mechanical damage, DMK and MAS Products can be used.

●Vacuum Chamber Permanent Lining: Providing last protection for refining furnaces safety production, DMK, MAS or HAB Products can be used.

●Elbow Tube Permanent Lining, Alloy Inlet Permanent Lining, Oxygen Nozzle Working Lining, and Observation Hole Working Lining: Mainly under mechanical stress damage, CM-70 Castables can be used.

●Vacuum Chamber Steel Shell, Safety Lining Connecting Material, Recirculation Tube and Vessel Bottom Connecting Material: It is the last defense line of eliminating unpredictable dangerous hidden risk which is very important to safety production.  Marvel’s high quality Monomass CM-16 or CM-90 can be used at these areas, and should be strictly installed at site under Marvel’s operation instructions.

●Snorkel Inner Lining, Recirculation Tube Connecting Area, Lower-Snorkel and Upper-Snorkel Inner Lining Connecting Area: When RH Degasser is operated in vacuum conditions, it is very dangerous if not tightly sealed, which would lead to leaking of molten steel and causing serious accident. For this reason, MRL has developed specialized sealing mortar MM-10, evenly spreading over these areas for ensuring safety and maintenance of connecting linings during furnace dismantling.