The ceremony was held to celebrate the annual output 30,000 tons of high-grade refractory materials project.

Release date: 2019-04-16Views: 16442

      At 10:18 on April 12, 2019, ceremony of the annual output 30,000 tons of high-grade refractory materials project was held.Director Wang Jiang of Taian economic development district, Sun Yumin manager of anshan bank Taian sub-branch,general manager Liu yanxu, vice general manager Lu Zhiyong, Wang Jian and representatives of construction and supervision attend. 

      Vice general manager Wang Jian addressed on behalf of the company, expressing sincere thanks to all the leaders and guests for attending the  ceremony despite their busy schedules. The total investment of the project is 30 million yuan, and the total construction area of the project is about 14623.2 square meters, including 591 square meters of raw material workshop, 1,182 square meters of mixing workshop, 1,467 square meters of assembly workshop, and 11383.2 square meters of finished products warehouse.






      In the end, the company leaders and the guests at the ceremony shoveled together for the project.The successful ceremony of the project marks a key step in the project. I believe that with the support and help of all the leaders and all the employees of the company, we will build the project well and add luster to the economic of Taian.