Successful closingof MRL 2018 Annual SalesConference

Release date: 2019-02-02Views: 15876

      Filled with joy, we sent away 2018 and ushered in a new year. On January 18, 2019, MRL 2018 Annual Sales Conference was solemnly held in Tai'an. The company's general manager Liu Yanxu, chief engineer Liu Guihai, deputy general managers Lu Jiannong, Lu Zhiyong, Wang Jian and other sales representatives from all over the country attended the meeting to share the results and look forward to the future.


      At the meeting, Lu Jiannong, gave the vice president of sales for the 2018 sales report, made a detailed analysis of the completion of various industries in 2018, and arranged and deployed the sales goals and tasks for 2019. He pointed out that the situation this year is still tough, and it is not optimistic. The company's production and operation and development tasks are extremely arduous. MRL must take measures to protect the market and stabilize the market. Confidently complete the goals and tasks assigned by the company. Subsequently, Wang Jian, the vice president of production, made a 2018 production summary and made a detailed report on production, quality, and safety in 2018. He proposed that in 2019, the software and hardware will be upgraded simultaneously to improve product quality and capacity, and reduce production costs. Then, each representative also spoke one after another, and put forward suggestions for the company's future development, sales problems and their own experience.

      At the meeting, deputy general manager Lu Zhiyong explained in detail the financial regulations and systems of the company. Chief engineer Liu Guihai explained the policy issues of the coal chemical industry and high-chromium brick industry in detail. Finally, Mr. Liu gave the closing speech of the conference. The company's 2018 annual sales conference was a complete success.

      At the meeting, everyone summarized down-to-earth and actively discussed, and applause burst out from time to time. Taking stock of the past, we learned a lot; looking ahead, we have a long way to go. MRL has stood at a new starting point, and believes that with our efforts, we will be able to complete the company's 600 million target plan for 2019 and bring the enterprise development to a new level!