"Life first, safety development" safety production month publicity activities.

Release date: 2019-07-02Views: 16231

      In order to educate the employees in safety and improve employees' safety awareness, the "safe production month publicity" activity was organized by the company's security department on the  basketball court at 9:00 a.m. on June 15, 2019.

During the activities, nearly 200 leaflets were issued, nearly 100 safety education manuals were issued, two safety production slogans were hung on the site, and two safety boards were displayed.

      The theme of this safe production month is "life first and safety development".The activity was host by wang jian, Production vice manager.In the propaganda activity, director of security cui yi made a speech, he emphasized that safety production is the root on which an enterprises goes on and develops, as the hot summer approaches, all employees require to improve safety awareness, improve responsibility awareness, do a good job in security and carry out a good safety work.Production vice manager Wang highlighted the significance of preaching about the "safe production month" activities, he affirmed achievements we have got now at the same time, the company employees are required to continue to maintain vigilance , push forward  production safety work, overcome fidgety , build safety production environment.

      This safety production month propaganda held, Marvels Refractories (Anshan) Co., Ltd started the work. The safety department will organize the development of the activities.Make the company to implement the "life first, safety development" theme, to ensure the realization of "zero casualties, zero accidents, zero injuries" goal, promote the development of enterprise safety production.